In previous years, Ghana Tech Lab has run its base program, which prepares individuals to think and create innovations. During these years, it was observed that young women were unable to complete the Base programme due to its difficulty and the biological and social roles of women as mothers, housewives, and career women, which limit their ability and opportunity to survive in this industry. Therefore, a Pre-training programme designed to close the knowledge gap was implemented.
The National Female Pre-tech training programme is a three-week mobile application development training programme offered for free by Ghana Tech Lab, Soronko Academy, and the MasterCard Foundation in collaboration with Noni hub. It aims to train women and assist them in acquiring digital skills so they can support and impact their communities.

On April 22, 2022, a call for applications was issued, and the 37 applicants who were shortlisted were interviewed. Twenty (20) applicants were chosen to participate in the training programme. Sadly, only 16 individuals participated due to socioeconomic factors. The programme began on May 23, 2022, and ended on June 10, 2022.

Participants learned Mobile Mock-ups and Design, Wireframing, and prototyping during the first week of training. They were also taught how to use flutter and dart, as well as how to implement UI with VScode in a logical manner. This occurred in week two. They had the opportunity to design and implement their final project during the final week.

At the end of the programme, participants were very appreciative of the training. When asked about the training, one of the participants, Sidik Nafisah, responded, “I’ve gained a great deal of valuable life experience, and I can now design and code my smartphone user interface using Figma. I’ve also grown more comfortable speaking in front of groups. In the subsequent training, I still hope to learn more”.
The National Pre-Tech is anticipated to increase female participation in the base programme. Currently, we are accepting applications for the Base programme. In contrast to the National Pre-Tech programme, the Base programme is open to both genders and will last for sixteen weeks. It will consist of training and incubation/internship phases. Kindly visit to register

A warm congratulations to the 16 girls who completed the National Pre-Tech Training Programme successfully.

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